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All supplies would be managed on the blockchain. Using the latest technology to help address the fact that those on the front line of the fight against the Coronavirus, in many cases, lack the equipment to adequately protect themselves, will be of huge benefit for everyone, and will help save many lives from being unnecessarily lost.

Furthermore, food banks have come under extraordinary pressure recently. The food donated will be distributed by FareShare using the blockchain for effective management as above. FareShare are the UK’s largest hunger fighting charity, supporting over 11,000 charities, community groups and food banks.

Football Mutual Aid provides a channel for Buyers to deliver:

  • Protective Equipment
  • Support For Foodbanks
  • Vulnerable People Support

More Details

Money raised by Mutual-Aid Actions will help to purchase food and protective equipment through a Blockchain Facilitated Programme. This would allow NHS Organizations, Other Essential Services Providers, and Regional Food Bank centres, to participate in the blockchain facilitated supply chain, directly, thereby eliminating the silos.


Protective Equipment For Front Line Workers
Support For The Vulnerable
Food For the Hungry