Help 2 Beat Cancer CIC are a Community Interest Company that was established to help support the fight against cancer. Cancer Patients are particularly vulnerable to Coronavirus. Football Mutual Aid is a Help 2 Beat Cancer Initiative, to help provide a channel for Footballers and the Football Industry to help support the fight against Coronavirus.


The current Coronavirus crisis has exposed systemic failures in conventional supply chains. This is putting lives at risk needlessly as it is helping to ensure that much needed protective equipment is not getting to NHS and other essential service provider’s staff that need it exposing them to unnecessary danger. In fact, people are dying because of this. Furthermore, the fact that resources and volunteers have dried up for Foodbanks means that the most vulnerable are literally at risk of starvation.


The Football Mutual Aid programme aims to help address the problems detailed above. Mutual Aid is a term to describe people helping each other. Mutual Aid groups are helping to provide community support to those who are more at risk from the virus

Football Mutual Aid is providing a channel for Footballers to come together to support both of the above programmes, and help to buy Ethically Sourced food that helps feed the vulnerable and Protective Equipment that helps save lives in a speedy and efficient manner. Money raised From Football Mutual Aid will help to purchase food and protective equipment as above. This would allow NHS Organizations, Other Essential Services Providers, and Regional Food Bank centres, to participate in the blockchain facilitated supply chain, directly, thereby eliminating the silos.

£70 billion

Is required for UK foodbanks.

4 million +

Adults in the UK use foodbanks

25 to 30%

In donations is what the Corona virus is costing UK charities

3 million

People have cancer in the UK

Features Of Food Parcels Being Purchased By Football Mutual Aid Include: